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Interior Design Services


Lisa Clement, Principal of Fiddlehead Interiors, holds a BFA in Interior Design from UMass-Amherst and brings 20 years of experience to every design project. Where some designers strive to impose their style to every project, Lisa’s goal is to help you discover and enhance your style for a look and feel that is uniquely yours. Notably, Lisa believes that collaboration, positivity and kindness make for the most satisfying and fun projects — and she seeks clients who share that belief.

Personal Desk

                                            The Process.

It all starts with your dreams and objectives for the project: the feel you want to create, the flow you want to achieve, and the statement you want to make. After exploring your vision through a comprehensive interview, Lisa will create conceptual sketches on paper that show various layout and detail options. These hand-drawn sketches help save time and money, while helping you home in on the direction that feels best to you. They also spark a free-flowing give-and-take with you on matters of form, function, materials, and budget that make the eventual design solution more personal and responsive to your needs and desires.

Fiddlehead Services: Decision-making made easier.

As a Fiddlehead client, you have multiple services available to you to help make the design, decision-making and project management process easier and more fun.

  • Positivity consulting

  • Space planning

  • Color consulting

  • Finish selection

  • Feng Shui analysis

  • Lighting and electrical plans

  • Furniture selection/placement

  • Construction drawings and elevations

  • Contractor interviewing, bid review and eventual selection

  • Shopping assistance for cabinetry, countertops, lighting, furniture, etc.

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