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Feng Shui

Feng Shui: Enhancing life through interior design

Feng Shui is an ancient and intuitive discipline that combines the study of Chi, or energy, and the Chinese art of placement. Chi is invisible, yet powerful, and travels in ways that are similar to wind and water. Its four basic characteristics are that it moves, it connects, it accumulates and it desires change. In practice, Feng Shui is about analyzing the Chi in your environment — your home or office — and using the art of placement to manage the Chi in ways that help manifest positive changes in various aspects of your life.























For instance, remove clutter in what the Feng Shui Bagua — a conceptual map of your environment — recognizes as the Marriage and Partnership area of your home and you’ll quickly improve the energy of those relationships. Similarly, you can use other Feng Shui solutions to enhance other aspects of your life: career, health, wealth and more.


Let us help you enhance your interior — and your life — with a Feng Shui consultation. 

Email to set up your appointment and help you bring harmony to your environment.

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