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A Funny Thing Happened After The Water Post

Back in August I wrote a post on the Facebook home of the Positivity Institute about the importance of drinking lots of water ( Shortly thereafter I was talking to an old high school friend and I mentioned the post. And in a supreme Law of Attraction moment, he mentioned that coincidentally, he had recently begun selling ionized Kangen™ water, which supplies the body with extra free electrons that can be used to help neutralize disease-causing free radicals. It also tastes really good and gets absorbed quicker and easier than tap or bottled water. He gave me a demonstration on the properties and benefits of this restructured, highly alkaline water and I was blown away. Check out an online demo for yourself at It's really pretty amazing.

Fiddlehead To Sponsor National Business and Life Change Guru Jim Bellacera at Successful Thinkers

Portland, Maine — Fiddlehead Interiors has signed on as the Gold Sponsor for the Maine Successful Thinkers Annual Meeting, which will feature entrepreneur, renowned speaker, author and Founder of the national Successful Thinkers organization, Jim Bellacera.  Bellacera will deliver the keynote speech at the organization's second annual meeting on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at Scarborough Downs. An authority on life change and small business success , Bellacera is also the best-selling author of "Within the Millionaire Mind" and "Making Millions from Your Home," along with several other training programs designed to take average people and teach them the skills to become six and seven figure income earners.  Jim’s time-tested strategies have helped thousands of people around the world to create the success they were looking for. For more information, visit

Successful Thinkers learn how visioning and positivity help grow business

Portland, Maine — Positivity Coach Lisa Clement teamed with her husband, Charlie Clement, President of Clement Creative, at the March 1, 2011 meeting of Successful Thinkers hosted by Portland’s Community Television Network to present a workshop on How Visioning Can Help Grow Your Business. Lisa discussed how visioning — a form of intention and a critical element of improving outlooks through positivity — can help businesses attract customers. Charlie discussed the relationship of visioning to branding, whereby businesses endeavor to design customer experiences that support what they want their brand to stand for in the marketplace.

In both cases, the two said, visioning is the first step in creating the processes and attitudes that help achieve the outcome the business seeks.

Eighteen people attended the monthly meeting’s breakout session held in the Community Television Network conference room.