The quicker route to the renovation of your dreams.

Now you can have your own in-house designer to help you transform your space in a much shorter time frame — with Fiddlehead Interiors’ unique Immersion Design process.

With Immersion Design™, as the name implies, Fiddlehead owner and Lead Designer, Lisa Clement, will literally immerse herself in your home environment, working with you for larger blocks of time and getting a first-hand look at the flow of your life within your current space, as well as listening to your dreams and objectives for your renovation.

It’s a concept that promises to cut weeks, if not months, off of the entire design and renovation process, while providing a detailed plan for a home redesign that truly reflects your vision and combines the best of our combined ideas.

The Process

Along the way, Lisa will create conceptual sketches that show various layout and detail options that give you the opportunity for early and immediate feedback. Contrast that with the typical approach of an input meeting, followed by a week or more of the designer disappearing to work on his or her vision for the space, then returning for feedback and repeating the process until the details finally get worked out. So it’s easy to see how Immersion Design streamlines the entire process and yields a more fulfilling and satisfying solution for you.

Plus, Lisa’s free-flowing give-and-take with you on matters of form, function, materials and budget helps spark ideas in you that simply make the eventual design solution more personal and responsive to your needs and desires.

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